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Huppy is a mobile app for parents of children under six.

The app allows a parent to find and connect to local experts for online consultancy and parenting lessons.

Additionally, the app offers tools to track, monitor, and support a child's development.

download the app from stores:

For Android
the language is Georgian 


Product designer
Art direction
2019-2021 June

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Designing payment place in a flow

(why customers buy)

One of the products in the app is development assessment. 

The goal was to find the best place in flow for charging users.

For that I created a map for a design method we followed.

After conducting several user interviews and asking parents why are they interested in the assessment we found out:

after interviews that we crafted the hypothesis:

"Suppose the results are most important. We decided to make the assessment accessible, and every parent could use it without payment, and they could only pay if they wanted to get results. The psychology behind the hypothesis is that the effort put into starting and doing smth gives motivation and energy to end what started."

So I devided essesment in two parts: the questionnaire and the results. I put information about price and payment in the product description page so that user has all information before starting the test. I put payment method after questionnaire


We prototyped and incorporated this model using remote config. Hundreds of people started the questionnaire during the week, but the majority didn't buy the results, even though some of them start purchasing. We contacted several users who had finished the questionnaire and clicked the "buy" button but didn't finish the action. One of the users amazed us. She said that " the test is designed the way that just by answering the questions she had got answers she needed or wanted to have, The questions gave her the awareness and she was already satisfied and happy." Also, this user share her idea with us, which turned out a great marketing tool. She told us to put the payment method after the user had answered several questions. 

Brief view of the application

Horizontal scroll for multiple products

On this page are all the products such as online classes, development assessments, and gift cards. I divided these products into three groups, created one template for all products, and put each group of cards on a horizontal scroll. Thus navigation became easy, and the visual stayed clean.

Widget as a solution
(fast execution)

This app helps parents follow their child's development through assessments and tools such as milestones, MCHAT-R, etc. All the results connected with a specific child come together in one space - the Baby's room. Making this room user-friendly and fast to execute was a big challenge, as data was massive and visually different from each other. I deconstructed all this additional information and differentiated likewise content on the one side. I took all this similar information and named it with nouns such as title, time, more, info, etc. According to this information, I created a widget. This solution was user-friendly and quick to execute, and it was the fastest and effective way to test the assessments' flow. 

childs room.gif

Art directed and designed on-boarding

I collaborated with the content manager, marketing head, and illustrator to design onboarding for the current version of a startup.

Untitled 2.gif

Product description page and CTA

The page serves as the product description "why is it important?", what is MCHAT-R? What should one give attention to? Who are our partners? Hashtags: age of a child, price(free), the time it will take, from which group it is (group: assessment). CTA button and copyright.

Assessment UX

Here is Illustrated test with Title, back, and X buttons, progress bar, which is shown in numbers too, illustrations, text, three buttons to choose the answers.
Users can swipe left to see the previous questions. If the user uses the X button, the assessment stays uncompleted, and the app will send push notifications to remind the user about the ongoing test.

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