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Parenting App

  • App Design

  • UX Design

  • User testing/interviews

  • Art direction

  • Illustration

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Business Platform for Women

  •  Visual Prototype

  • User Testing

  • Illustration

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  • Wireframing

  • Concepting

  • High Fidelity design

  • Responsive Web design 

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Flash Cards Game (Lobby design)

  • Concept 

  • Art direction

  • UI design

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Chore Game for families

  • Ideation, Concept creation

  • Sketching

  • App design

  • Art direction

  • User Testing


Patcy Brandbook / Print design

Made a Brand Book for Dog Hotel 

  • Editorial design

  • Art direction

  • Logo design

  • Book Cover Design

  • Brand Design


Mako is a young talented designer who quickly integrated and adapted to our company's needs. Mako is a good team player and very pleasant to work with. It was a pleasure to have Mako as part of our team, even though it was for a short period. I wish Mako good luck with her future challenges, and I recommend Mako to whoever is considering hiring her.

What people say
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David, Business partner

When Mako is working on UX/UI, you get

balanced output of MVP, authentic taste, and practicality. When Mako interviews users you always expect one more insight you have never thought of before. She is a strong team player, has super listening skills, smiles a lot, and loves hedgehogs. When you have Mako on board, you are getting MUCH MORE than UX/UI Designer



It is worth noting that Makos's ability to see things from the users' perspective and deep-diving into the business dramatically helps to improve the vision and the final product. She is respectful and can communicate her ideas and contribute to the organization. She captures the essence of the design and can translate all of this into the UX.
When I think about someone who can combine both arts and technology with perfection and focus, Mako's name comes to my mind. And every organization that worked with Mako will find great benefit.


Mako is creative, flexible, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of design. Her design was well thought out, creative, and in line with the mission of Classeek. With a good sense of organization, Mako was appreciated by the entire team.


Had the pleasure to work with Mako at Classeek- a Swiss startup headed to revolutionize the classical music industry. Mako is a very talented designer. The way she thinks always brings value to the table. Her uncompromising approach and research make her work into something special and impactful

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 10.19.16.png

Mako is a great team player and it has been a pleasure to work alongside her. She is innovative, adaptable, open-minded, and dedicated to bringing projects to life. Most importantly, she takes care to express design guided by a user’s perspective whilst delivering tasteful design content.

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